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Your premier source for individual and business insurance.

Individual Insurance

The Vicary Insurance Agency assesses your liabilities to assist in designing the best life insurance, health insurance, or disability plan for you.


Business Insurance

The Vicary Insurance Agency LLC offers a variety of customized group life insurance and health insurance policies for businesses, along with payroll reduction plans and more.

Individual Health Insurance, Dental, & Disability Plans

In life, we must learn to expect the unexpected. That’s why we offer a variety of individual insurance policies customized to protect you from unplanned health risks that could result in a financial burden. Whether you’re looking for a simple policy or need assistance navigating your individual health plans, our experts can help you prepare now so you can worry less later.


Business Insurance & Group Policies

Business owners take risks that help them grow, but what happens when you or your employees face a risk you weren’t prepared for? Regardless of the size of your business, it is crucial to protect yourself from the unpredictable. That’s why Vicary Insurance Agency offers a wide variety of employee benefits including, group health, dental, vision, disability, and many group voluntary benefit options.
  • April’s knowledge and understanding of the different insurances available, along with her friendly personality, was reassuring. I was so stressed about going through the process, but she laid out all my options and made my decision easy for me. Thank you for making everything come together so smoothly. It made all the difference.

    Mary Lee

  • Preparing to sign up for Medicare is a daunting experience. Dan Edgar from Vicary Insurance presented several options available to me and explained the Medicare Plans versus some Advantage Plans. He explained things to look for and how to compare the plans as well as educate me on prescription plans. I felt no pressure to sign up and I couldn’t be more grateful for their unbiased information they provided to me.  I was in good hands with this agency and appreciate all their assistance.

    Kathy G.

  • Dan was very nice and explained everything about the insurance.

    Susan G.

  • Dan was a great in getting me signed up for Medicare Advantage plan.

    Alexander F.

  • My husband’s company picks this up as a second insurance and they are very caring and understanding and I highly recommend them

    Laurie P.

  • Very friendly staff, and eager to help out. Very knowledgeable about insurance. I’ve never been disappointed.

    Rich T.

  • Time is coming up to change your supplement insurance if you are not happy with it or to check out other policies. If this is all confusing for you as it is to me. After talking with other people they suggested I go talk with a professional about this. Which is what I did. This really helps you understand what your needs are and are not, so you are covered for the things that are important for you alone. Now I have booklets to look at and decide. I will go back to fill out the forms so I will be ready to switch when the time comes. These people are great and make it easy to understand. I talked with Dan. Great person and very knowledgeable.

    Josephine K.

  • Dan is very helpful and knowledgeable about the Medicare confusion! Plus he keeps in touch with you then the process. Highly recommend Dan.

    Debbie S.

    Medicare Client